Saturday, January 26, 2013

Harry, Katniss, and Edward

Some one asked, just in general, who would win in a face off between these three characters. Here is what I said.

As in the literal since for the literary sense? Literary it goes; Harry, Katniss, then Edward.

As for literal since here is how it would go down. At least in my head, and it all takes place in the arena of The Hunger Games.

The meadow is clear, bright and silent. The slight rustling of trees indicates that while all is quiet, the meadow is not devoid of life. A shadow appears between the tree trunks. Edward steps into the opening following the scent of human blood. Katniss, who has been patiently waiting in the branches above, pulls the string tight on her bow, takes a steadying breath, and releases the arrow.

Edward, however, has heard her thoughts and has turned to avoid being pierced. Running with super human speed, he reaches her tree before she can do much more than blink. As he scrambles up the tree after her, she quickly lines up her second shot. Being an experienced hunter she knows that he is moving too quickly to be hit by aiming directly at him. Anticipating where he will go, instead of where he is, she fires her second shot.

Edward is caught off guard, as he it too busy worrying about what Bella and Jacob are doing at this very moment, and he takes the arrow to the arm. A roar of rage escapes him, as he pulls the arrow out. Katniss now realizes that she is in trouble. Her arrows will not be effective. Terror fills her heart as she scurries up the tree further to get out of his reach, she calls for help. 

Edward has just grasped Katniss's ankle when the tree branches begin to snap beneath them. Katniss gasps and clings to the branch above her, but it's too late. The branch holding Edward gives way. His grip on her ankle tightens painfully. She cries out as her hands begin to slip, the bark biting into her skin. The combined weight is too much and they both plummet to the ground.

Harry, who has been practicing Quiditch nearby, has heard Katniss's cry for help. He sees the two fall and knows he can not reach them in time. He pulls out his wand and slows them before they can crash to the ground. Edward instantly recovers, yet is trying to calculate his next move. Katniss takes longer, but instantly distrusts the boy on the broom. She loads her next arrow, but hesitates trying to figure out who is the biggest threat.

Edward now recognizes Harry from his days at Hogwarts where he was pretending to be Cedric Diggory. The recognition is mutual, yet Harry knows that Cedric should be dead. Perhaps this is how he became a Vampire? If that is the case Cedric can no longer be trusted.

Katniss takes advantage of the distraction that is happening between the boys, and starts to ease away. This catches Edwards attention, and he turns to her, Harry locks Edward in a body binder spell. Katniss realizes that Harry is helping her, but still can not bring herself to trust him.

She shifts her aim from Edward to Harry, not wanting to shoot, but also not ready to drop her weapon. Harry disarms her with an Expelliarmous charm and calls for a truce.

Katniss heeds his words and drops her guard. Harry swoops down, and releases Edward from his spell, so they can all speak to each other civilly. They clear up their differences and leave as friends.

Harry, of course, could have killed them both instantly with an Avada Kedvra curse, but he is much too noble for that sort of thing. So...Harry wins.

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