Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Revenge - Mommy Style.

My daughter is now four. It's no secret that when she was younger, and still taking naps, that she was a complete pain to get to sleep. There were days she would fight nap time for hours, and me, not wanting to give in, kept insisting on it. So we would lock in battle, sometimes I would win and she would sleep. More often she would fuss around her room, doing everything she could to keep herself awake. It always ended up with me so exhausted and frustrated that I just wanted to curl up and eat chocolate.

Finally, I admitted defeat. Days with afternoon naps were a thing of the past. It simply wasn't worth the two and three hours of battle for just an hour or so of noon time peace. The bonus was we no longer had the same fight for bed time. When eight o'clock rolled around she was more than ready for bed. It's been a few months since her last afternoon nap and we all have adjusted well.

But today, oh today, I got a little piece of revenge. My daughter decided that she was going to be the mommy and me the baby. I nearly squealed with delight when she decided I needed a nap. As she tucked me in I thought of all the times I had done the same thing and how many ways she used to fight that nap. I decided that I was going to try them all. So I...

1. Pretended cried for no reason so she had to come back and check on me
2. Kept getting out of bed so she had to keep putting me back
3. Got out bed and hid, so she flipped when she couldn't find me.
4. Played with the toys in her room, only to rush back into bed when I heard her coming.
5. Ask for a glass of water
6. Tossed and turned incessantly

and her absolute favorite thing to do when she was small

7. Cry and say, I want my mommy with me!

I have to admit, she stuck with the first few items really well. Patiently tucking me back in, or leading me back to the room. I was impressed. She was pretty good at this. Until we got to number 7. Yeah, 7 is when she broke. She marched over, grabbed her Belle doll and handed it to me.

"Here," she huffed. "Here is your new mommy!" Then she stormed out of the room. It left me in a fit of giggles. But it also made me wonder...why the hell didn't I think of that!

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