Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Toddler Logic

Most times logic will lead to the solution to a problem. But when toddlers use logic it can totally screw you as a parent. While I applaud my daughter for the new discoveries she makes everyday using said logic, it can also teaching her anything a complete pain. Here are some conversations that we have had that has caused me to create a permanent head shaped dent into my desk.

Her: "Mommy, that dog is ruffing at me."
Me: "You mean that dog is barking at you."
Her: "No, dogs say ruff ruff, not bark bark."

Her:"How do you spell love?
Me: "L-O-V-E"

Her:"But love doesn't have the eh sound. You told me e makes the eh sound, like elephant."
Me: "It does but E can also make other sounds like..."
Her: "That's just confusing."

No argument there.

Me: "Don't draw on the concrete with a rock. Here use the chalk and you can draw as much as you want."

5 minutes later.

Me: "Are you drawing on the side of the house!?!"
Her: "You said I could draw as much as I wanted."

Me: "Why are you burying your dolls!?!"
Her: "You said if we plant things they will grow bigger and bigger. I want bigger dolls."

I think logically, I could use a drink.

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